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I'm Rebecca. To some also known as Becca, Assar, Nala and even Army. For the most part I'm Rebecca though, and I guess I'm usually quite okay with that :)

I was born July 27, 1986 in Örebro, a city in Sweden. That's where I've lived since then, together with my family; mum, dad and little brother Robin. And our six rabbits, of course. My eight-year-old rabbit Mozart is one of my best friends and I love him so. I don't know what I'd do without him..

I'm in my third and last year of gymnasiet (senior high school). I study languages at Karolinska skolan (generally called "Karro"), which I believe is the best school there is. I study English, German (well, not anymore..), Russian, Latin, Japanese and of course Swedish. I can't say I "master" any of them except for maybe Swedish and English. But languages interest me and I think they're fun studying :) I don't know what this will eventually lead to though, if it will lead to anything at all. I'm not sure about what I want to do in the future, which kind of scares me. I'm not fond of working and I'd rather keep studying for the rest of my life, which may be a bit silly.. ._.

A shy girl is what I am, and not overly social. Well, I can be, once you really get to know me :) But usually I have problems with being social, and I believe I have suffered from some kind of social phobia. The last years of "grundskolan" (nine-year school) were terrible. I didn't feel like I fit in at all, and I was often alone. Sat alone at lunch, walked to lessons all alone. If it hadn't been for my online friends, I don't think I'd be feeling as good now as I actually am. So, thank you ^_^

I do feel much better now, and I have a couple of wonderful friends :) I'll keep working on getting rid of my shyness and I hope I'll make it ^^

Other than shy, I'd say I'm pretty childish and silly which I love being :P I'm also obstinate, short-tempered, bouncy, emotional, stupid, modest, kind, responsible and naive. I'm a hopeless romantic, a daydreamer, a real procrastinator, I lack self-confidence and I have terrible mood swings ^^;

I don't smoke, nor do I drink (other than a sip of my dad's beer sometimes). I don't really go to parties either. I'd much rather be at home in front of the computer or reading a good book. I rarely wear make-up and I'm not very much into fashion either, although I'm starting to like it more as I do find it interesting in an artistic way. And I love socks ;D

Art is a big interest of mine, and I much enjoy drawing. Sadly I don't do it particularly often anymore :/ I should, I should.. because I'd really like to improve. I also like reading, writing and singing (though I'm not at all good at it ^^;;). I often (far too often) sit in front of the computer doing nothing except lurking about on people's blogs and journals. I love reading about people's lives. I'm actually pretty nosy, but I never show it ^^; Too shy. If you like me are a sad lurker, please let me know :P I'd like to know who visits my page. I don't bite :)

Music is something I couldn't live without. I don't play any instruments or so myself, but I love listening to it. Artists I like are Belle & Sebastian, Kent, Lars Winnerbäck, The Beatles, Jakob Hellman, Simon & Garfunkel, The Ark, Caesars Palace, Kings of Convenience and many many more. I like to think my taste in music is pretty broad, but I'm not sure. I'm always open to try something new though :)

Memories have always been precious to me. Especially my childhood memories. I can talk for hours about TV shows I watched, books my dad read to me, songs I sang at kindergarten etc. Perhaps that's why I'm a bit childish. I like to hang on to my childhood and I don't ever want to grow up. At least I know I will always be a child at heart ^_^