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Old layouts

abigbadwolf.net's old layouts.. ^^ It might be fun to look at.

Version 5. I really liked this one :D

Version 4. An ok layout ^^ The flowers looked nice.. yes.

Version 3. I really liked this layout ^^ I love those colours! :) The photo wasn't too bad either. This was my first try at using those cool brushes from Relique and Nocturna :P

It's Greger! Greger the snail! :P
Well.. version 2, with a snail I drew myself :) Not much to say about it really, but I liked it. Even though it was very simple, maybe too simple.

This was version 1 of abbw.net ^^ I kinda liked that layout.
Very cute, with my rabbit Fläcken. Purple, black and white.. Nice.