Some photos of my rabbits, me and more.
I'm not a good photographer, but I like it anyway ^^ I can never hold the camera steady, lol.


Photos from Kolmården

These photos were taken when I was at Kolmården, a zoo in Sweden.
It was fun, even though I never got to see the lions *sobs* I'm still a little upset, lol. Photos are from summer 2001.

Photography in school

I had a week of photography in my previous school. It was pretty fun, though I can't say I learned *that* much. These 3 photos are some that I took together with the girls in my group. I've taken 2 of them myself. May 2002

Hannover - March 2003

Photos from my first exchange-trip to Hannover.

With Germans in Stockholm

These photos are from the day my (old) class was in Stockholm with the Germans, who were spending a week in Sweden. May 2003


Pics of my rabbits.. ^_^ I don't have photos of them all here yet.
And yes, Mozart is my favorite ^^;

Other things

Everything else ^^