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My rabbits

Here are my rabbits ^^ I've had rabbits my whole life. When I was born there was already a rabbit in my home ^^ At the moment I have 7 rabbits.. Here they are!

( Rest in peace Flopsy. ?? - December 16, 2002.. )


This is Mozart. Also called Mosse, Mosse-posse, Mossas, Sloskas, Knossos and loads more :P
He loves to lick my face.. ^^
He's 7 years old, and his birthday is October 1. ;__; He's old...


This is Micro, Mozart and Flopsy's (†) son. He's a bit wacko, hehe.
He's also called Microb, Croben, Crobbe, Crobbe-lobbe and more ^^ He's 5 years old. His birthday is August 10.


This is Klöver(Clover) and her rabbit babies. She doesn't have them anymore though.
Her nicknames are Klövra and Klövergumman.. She's 5 years old and her birthday is April 9.


This is Fläcken(Spot in english).
His nicknames are.. Fläck, Fläckis, Farbror Fläck, Flächen and more..
He's very funny and eats almost anything. He's 7 years old, and his birthday is July 10.


This is Bomullssvans(Cottontail). She's my brother's rabbit. She's also called Bomull and Svans.. ^^
She's 6 years old and her birthday is September 5.


This is Ebba. Her nickname is Ebbis ^^ Isn't she cute? :D
She's 5 years old and her birthday is June 14.


The summer-rabbit who the owners didn't want back. We have too many rabbits, but what are we supposed to do? He's a pretty nice rabbit anyway ^^ His real name is Stampe but I've named him Totte instead :P His nickname is Tott. I've no idea when he's born but he's 3-4 years old.