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Likes, dislikes & random facts

Likes: internet, candy, popcorn, the Lion King, the Muppets, socks, fruit, anime, manga, photography, art, nature, Moomin, Lord of the Rings, my tablet, childhood memories, icecream, fancy goods, playing Memory, romance, hugs, vampires, animals, freckles, colours, male x male-stories, snow, Christmas, soap-bubbles, the old Disney-movies, having money, cute things, Astrid Lindgren's works, charity, cake, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Captain Claw, cookies, the Swedish language, the English language, horror books and movies, poetry, frog pastry, Lucia, sun showers, sugar, ALF, Allra mest tecknat & more.

Dislikes: mean people, war, closeminded people, cigarette smoke, alcohol, being lazy, artist's blocks, heat, egoists, needles, getting old, being ugly, being broke, homework, junk mail, lipstick, blood bread & more.

Random facts:

- I'm 171 centimetres tall
- I'm afraid of taking blood tests and getting injections. I'm always close to fainting!
- I can't do somersaults.. -__-;
- Afraid of heights I am
- I'm no good at swimming
- Milk is something I drink a lot
- The only sport I kind of like is badminton
- I have back problems
- I talk in my sleep (according to my mum)
- I'm a real procrastinator!
- I hardly know any streets or places in Írebro
- As I child I had a good imagination. Now I don't.
- I've got no piercings or tattoos, and I've never dyed my hair
- The cute little girl down here is me when I was two years old :P