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Misc. stuff

Things which don't fit in elsewhere I suppose ^^


These are some movies I've recorded with my digital camera. Some are of pretty good quality, some are not. They are all .avi-files. I highly recommend some of the Mozart movies. They're really cute :) Enjoy!

Recorded in summer 2003 at Jessica's "summer place", Heby. We were out capturing the beauty of the Swedish nature, filming animals :P Here's a butterfly.
5 seconds, 1,19 MB. Download

Here's an ant-hill. Most of it is pretty blurry, but you can see the ants wander about there ^^
12 seconds, 2,08 MB. Download

Mozart is sitting on his beloved board, but not for long. Look at his leap! Is he not the cutest thing ever? ^O^
8 seconds, 1,36 MB. Download

Omg Mozart! What're you doin'? :O That's baaaad..
1 second, 171 kB. Download

Mosse running and cutting capers. Awww :3 Recommended!
16 seconds, 2,72 MB. Download

I told you not to do that! >__< Another cute movie starring the one and only.. Mozart! :)
16 seconds, 2,66 MB. Download

Mozart found my camera case :) Dad's shoes are to be seen in the beginning.
11 seconds, 1,98 MB. Download

Mosse is quite interested in mating with my hand during the greater part of the film. Oh my, porn movies on my site ;P haha. Nah, nothing happens actually.. ;)
1 minute, 10 MB (Yikes!). Download